HeighAddressed to Katherine Heigh of fabulous Peterborough, Ontario care of Gap Riot Press comes the beautiful and strange To the People Who Used to Live Here. In this chapbook, Heigh writes through found materials in the form of psychic junk mail mailed to the previous tenant of her apartment. If you are looking for mystical meaning in this world, Heigh may have the answers. She just had to open someone else’s junk mail to get it.

This chapbook is printed on white paper with a white cardstock cover (designed and typeset by Dani Spinosa). Each chapbook is individual stamped RETURN TO SENDER, but we hope you don’t send it back.

To order To The People Who Used to Live Here, email gapriotpress@gmail.com or check out our online shop.

Sample Poem

Grandmother Moon Calls

She is offering all this to you, a Golden Legacy
intended for you. Providence has replied to
resurrection of the ancestral.
It’s quite natural. Please receive what must be
long to you.
Going to bathe in an ocean of multiple and
infinite joys
isn’t that life-changing. Your name appeared in the
last lunar phase.
Say goodbye to your desires.
At the end of this, you can no longer be a