Iachetta Cover$10.00

All the way from London (UK) comes the hilarious and sad, pithy and poignant, depressing and beautiful chapbook, The Cubicle by Victoria Iacchetta. These poems arrive to us in the form of an interview between an office-worker and her succulent plant. They explore the banality of work, the tiresome nature of sadness, and the persistence of isolation in an increasingly isolating world. Brilliant in its simplicity, this chapbook is the perfect fit for your 9 to 5 life. Succulent not included, but we recommend you read this while close to a plant friend or two.

This chapbook is printed adorably in a tiny squared format. Typeset and cover design by Kate Siklosi. Cover artwork by Victoria Iacchetta.

To order The Cubicle, email gapriotpress@gmail.com or check out our online shop. Available after November 17, 2019.

Sample Poem

Q: Hello, thank you for agreeing to speak to me today

A: Welcome
Extremity numbness
Will vary during your stay
Re-adjust often to promote blood flow
To a delicately imbalanced body & soul
Soon to be hurled through a
Cyclical maelstrom of