ChernoffFrom Toronto-based writer MLA Chernoff comes the bizarre and beautiful poetic force, Terse Thirsty and Other Kisses, a chapbook that answers the burning questions that every contemporary experimental poet must ask themselves at one point or another: what would a game of Connect Four between Kathy Acker and Christian Bok look like? How many likes would a Derrida selfie get? What do you get when you divide David Foster Wallace by egotism to the power of tenure? Who wrote this thing?

This chapbook is printed on beige cardstock with a beige interior. The cover and typeset were designed by Dani Spinosa. Each chapbook includes one sticker of the poet’s REAL KISS, and is Certified Orgasmic, or your money back!

To buy Terse Thirsty and Other Kisses, email gapriotpress@gmail.com or check out our online shop.

Sample Poem (from Terse Thirsty)

The pome is what prevents everyone on the internet from seeing the Alain De Botton School of Life porn that is literally out there, waiting for a hoarney boaner to traverse its sicc-thicc exigencies and talk condescendingly to its employees—yikes.

ONE PERCEPTION MUST IMMEDIATELY AND DIRECTLY LEAD TO INDIGESTION: Pometics are not cybernetics: we’re too bad, bored, and hungry to do the thrust of the reading but also have already done some of it, maybe, like, five years ago.

Pometics are for the too-tired, money-dearthed hucksters who want to slap down a jib of jab in order to flout their glass.

Pometics trust no one—they are the professor emerita of poetry, within and without the academy: we don’t care. But we also don’t scare: we love you. Accept the peeps we all done peep; go out and literally kill a nazi. USE USE USE the process at all points, in any given pome always, always one perception must must must go out and literally kill a nazi.

Pometics are in cahoots with a requisite inability to savour a momentary thought of the moment, but nevertheless, will go to Wild Wing just for the flavour packets.

Pometics are not poetics, pometics have never read poetry, novels, psalms, cookbooks: there are only friendos.

Pometics are cracking out a cold fidget spinner at the poetry reading that a certain ‘laureate’ failed to show up to. You know who I’m talking about!

Pometics are a posthumously bat mitzvah’d Kathy Acker beating Wink Yahoo and Christian Bök at a game of novelty-sized Connect Four™ and really just having a nice time.

Pometics are not against expression, but they really think ‘poet voice’ is a gassy gas falling from some spectre-God’s steenky ass; Google it, sweatie.