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From the unstoppable vispo force that is German-based poet Petra Schulze-Wollgast comes the beautiful ON LINEatureS, a chapbook of beautiful palimpsestic visual poetry that thinks about the paper as not just a vehicle, but a central part of the work. These pieces were created using Letraset letters applied directly onto some pages of “lineaturen – a notebook,” and uses the unique lines of the notebook as parts of the poems themselves. The poems present the fragility of the media as a tool, with some letters breaking at the notebook’s existing lines, and others refusing the ordered lineation. The result is a series of beautiful, chaotic, and intricate poems that invite reviewing and re-reading.

This chapbook is printed in a limited edition, hand-stitched by the Gap Riot editors with loving care. Typeset and cover poem by Kate Siklosi.

To order ON LINEatureS, email or check out our online shop. Available after November 17, 2019.

Sample Poem

PSW sample