Franco Cover$10.00

From Toronto-based poet Tanis Franco comes the second Gap Riot chapbook inspired by Sailor Moon, Moon Healing Escalation. In these poems, Franco navigates deftly through space-time, presenting an ethereal story of sensuality and duality. These poems explore the tension between responsibility and pleasure, between what is expected of us and what can happen when we explore into the unknown and the taboo. Separated into three sections–PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE–these poems (t)race through the galaxy to arrive finally at the most unknowable space of our very human desires.

This chapbook is printed on white paper with a white cardstock cover. Typeset by Dani Spinosa. Cover artwork and additional illustrations by Stace Schmidt.

To order Moon Healing Escalation, email or check out our online shop. Available after November 17, 2019.

Sample Excerpt


Closing my eyes there is a world inside and I am a stubborn ram
galloping into your horizon,
a shimmering event horizon I can see now
with two realities spinning just inches apart
but they need something from me.
Their intersection is the place I can’t get to.
The Earth and Moon will never meet,
the centre cannot hold two.
One centre is you, around which I revolve.
Which am I?