From Sudbury-born, Toronto-based experimental poet extraordinaire, Margaret Christakos, comes the final book of Gap Riot’s Fall 2017 catalogue: Social Medea vs. Virtual Medusa.

Social Medea vs Virtual Medusa careens and spreads all over the page, which is why we opted to print it in half-legal rather than our typical half-letter format. Christakos’s long lines and characteristic disruptive syntax revisits the mythological figures of Medea and Medusa as victims turned villains. The book is filled with abject images and body horror that revive these figures, and a second-wave feminist body politic, and considers how those bodies work in a world steeped in technology.

Social Medea vs. Virtual Medusa is now available for purchase from Gap Riot Press. To order a copy, email the editors at


Sample Poem

Cinnamon or synonym.
Kitchen or itching.
Poison or persons.
Act now.
Day One.
Itching or poison.
Synonym or persons.
Cinnamon or kitchen.

They had it coming and going. They got it having their coming and eating too. Who do you know doesn’t lack discipline? Who doesn’t live wrong?